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Bokitta Hijab For Muslimah Ladies

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Assalammualaikum sisters,

Bokitta is popular brand known for its stylish and comfortable hijabs for muslimah women to experience. For the muslimah ladies who are looking for that chic touch to their wardrobe, Bokkita hijab collection will be the perfect choice. From various colours and styles, hijabista can easily pick out the one which they adore. If you are eager to check on the designs available, check them out below and fall in love with them.

1         1.    Feminine Pink

For the ladies who love the soft colour of the pink shade, Bokkita pink hijab is a definite must have to wear with your outfits. Mix match it nicely and maintain that elegant appearance everywhere you go. The pink Bokitta hijab will definitely make you appear feminine and sweet in front of others.

2       2.    Soothing Green

       Everyone knows that green is always a soothing colour to look at. If you are having a bad day or woke up on the wrong side of the bed, pick a green Bokitta hijab and match it with your attire. It will absolutely help ease your worries and stress away in a matter of minutes.

voila viscose scuba blue

3         3.    Calm Blue

Blue is always perfect to pull to any occasion as it is a colour which can calm your nerves. Wear this blue hijab to work, formal events or even a casual day out looking stylish as ever. The Bokitta blue hijab are available in many shades of blue so pick out the ones that fits your personal style.

Bokitta's headscarves are Instant, Pinless and Ready-Wrapped for muslimah ladies.


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